Monday, February 23, 2009

New Link Regarding Police Interrogation Practices

Please note that the Indignant Indigent has posted a new link in the "Resources" tool bar to the right. The new link is to the homepage of John E. Reid & Associates. John Reid is perhaps better known as the author of Criminal Interrogations and Confessions, the publication that serves as The Bible for police interrogations. The book is discussed at length in the landmark case of Miranda v. Arizona (384 US 436 [1966]), especially in footnote #9.

Professor Reid periodically updates his webpage with new tips for investigators. You can find the tips by looking under the "Educational Information" tab and selecting "Investigator Tip". Professor Reid explores such topics as "
Are you a good listener?", "Electronically Recorded Confessions", and "Do you invite people to lie to you?". There are literally dozens of tips for interrogators on the webpage, all in searchable format. The Indignant Indigent believes Professor Reid's book and these tips should be required reading for any criminal practitioner litigating a confession case.